Image of super messy home that needs to be decluttered. Decluttering your home maximizes your sale price.

Do you know how much value you can add to your home by using a portable storage or moving container to organize your belongings? Read on to find out how to add $$$ to your home’s sale price.

Are clutter and personal items affecting your chances

Spider diagram that will help you decide whether to keep or throw clutter.

Whatever your reasons for decluttering your home, portable storage containers are the perfect solution.

Most of us have quite a lot of excess stuff lying around the house that we only use once or twice a year, seasonally or, more often than not, not at all. But here’s the thing,

Buddy Box FAQ - What are Portable Moving Containers?

We know you have questions about portable moving containers, so we’ve put together this handy BuddyBox guide with the answers you need!

If you are new to the world of portable storage or moving containers, you will definitely have lots of questions about how BuddyBox containers

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Find out how to pack portable moving containers like a pro

When it comes to packing for a big move are you in the “Love it” or “Hate it” camp? If you are an awesome packer, well done you … maybe you should come work for BuddyBox! If you don’t

Buddy Box Storage

Emergency restoration services rely on BuddyBox for fast provision of portable storage containers

Restoration and cleanup companies across the country have come to depend on BuddyBox’s secure, weatherproof, portable storage containers to help them to handle residential and commercial disasters as quickly as humanly possible. Our experienced team has been specifically trained to offer support services in restoration and clean-up situations, without hindering the essential work that restoration companies have been hired to do. 

Why restoration companies choose BuddyBox

Due to the nature of the restoration and cleanup business, restoration companies have to demand fast, reliable support from businesses they work with. BuddyBox understands the challenges emergency restoration situations and we have processes in place that enable us to respond immediately to requests for storage containers and for their removal from the clean-up site. 

Why portable storage containers are ideal for restoration projects

Our portable storage containers are ideal for situations where a restoration company has to remove a client’s belongings from their premises while the clean-up is in progress. BuddyBox containers can be securely locked and keep items well protected from rain, heat and cold. Many restoration companies also use our storage containers to work in when the site is dangerous or unsanitary.


Restoration companies often have to completely empty houses or offices to start the clean-up process and that’s where BuddyBox portable storage containers really come into their own. We can deliver multiple storage boxes to a site, so that the restoration company can store a client’s belongings by room and /or by damage sustained. BuddyBox storage containers save restoration and cleanup companies time and money by speeding up the emptying of the premises and by keeping the owner’s undamaged belongings safe from harm.

Need us to store the containers? No problem

In severe emergency situations, BuddyBox can remove loaded storage containers from the site to prevent further damage and store them at our storage facility until the situation has stabilized. Restoration companies often need space to move freely around a property, so this option is a popular one. The BuddyBox Team works quietly in the background to help make every clean-up and restoration job that little bit easier!

BuddyBox storage containers for restoration services

To find out how we can support your water damage, fire damage, mold removal or storm damage restoration and clean-up teams, give us a call on (+1) 844-BUDDYBOX or send an email to